Kim Senior began her career as a muralist when she designed and painted a 57 foot mural for a spa resort in Stowe Vermont. The scale and excitement of working on such a large scale in a limited time frame was intoxicating, and a second commission immediately after for a private Main Line client for a 500 square foot wall mural for a childrens *playroom* was followed quickly by more projects in the Philadelphia area. She has become adept at working on murals on canvas, for clients from Florida to Texas.

She began making and painting folding screens to offer as portable murals; they allow for great flexibility of display, able to be free-standing or be mounted on walls.

Kim has instructed murals classes for the Decorative Painters Artisan Program, and has participated in the International Salon of Decorative Painters.

Kim recently moved to northern Vermont, where she often collaborates on decorative painting projects with Sherry Senior Designs, as well as painting plein air landscapes.