Blue Heron Ceiling Mural

Blue Heron Ceiling Mural

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Sherry Senior and I worked together to paint a 20 x 11 foot ceiling mural for a bedroom in a beautiful residence in Williston VT. We painted soft, blended bands of colored clouds on the ceiling, and added the blue heron and plane later.


At my studio, I painted the figures of the plane and heron on a thin but strong fabric; they were then carefully cut out, and adhered over the clouds using a clear acrylic gel. To get an idea of the scale, the heron wingspan is about 30 inches, and the plane’s length about 24 inches. Painting them on fabric in advance not only makes it possible to try different placements, but saves a lot of wear and fatigue on our necks and shoulders.


The views from this room were stunning; wonderful to see a real heron at their pond, with the Adirondacks in the distance.