After Tiepolo

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click images to view larger A quick study of a detail taken from the Banquet of Cleopatra by G.B. Tiepolo for fun.the original is a fresco, mine is acrylics on canvas. measures about 12 x 16 inches.champagne and pearls, perhaps … Continued

Before and After

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Before and after photos are the most powerful way to present a potential mural project. I have many examples in my portfolio. I came across an intriguing blog article called “Before and After Gardens of Humphry”; about Repton’s *Red Books*.“Long … Continued

Buddhist Mural Process

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Some pics of the stages of the work of the Buddhist Garden Mural. As the design calls for soft, flowing areas of paint, using acrylics rather than oils involves practice to avoid ugly *lap-lines* where the paint starts to dry … Continued

Puvis de Chavannes at Rodin Museum

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A while ago I saw this small mural by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes 1824-1898, at the Rodin Museum in Philly. (click to view larger) Legendary Saints of FranceReduced version of the frieze above ‘The Childhood of Saint Geneviève’, church of … Continued

Topolski Action Drawings

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I have an old issue of Marg magazine, with no cover; going to the Marg-Art website archives, and searching by keyword dates it 1957 September.It has some action drawings by Feliks Topolski, illustrating an article on Classical Dance of India … Continued

Topolski’s 600ft Memoir Mural

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“For more than twenty years, one of the most unusual exhibitions in London has been Feliks Topolski’s monumental installation “The Memoir of the Century”. This 600-foot long panoramic painting, standing from 12 to 20 feet high, was ……. Begun by … Continued

Michael Webb; Architectural Muralist

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Michael Webb is the artist who’s murals have become a familiar and loved part of my Philadelphia scape; I look forward to seeing them every time I pass one of them, and that can be several times a week. Michael … Continued

Painted Cloths; A Pretty Slight Drollery

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A delightful discovery, this illustrated essay on the history of painted cloths*, from Tudor times to the present.Nicholas Mander, the author, has a unique inside view of the materials and background of paints; his family’s business for generations, Manders Paints, … Continued

Theatrical Muslin, Mural Preparation

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I use different materials for murals, depending on the size needed, and the surface where they are intended. MDO plywood for rigid panels are great for mounting on exterior walls. Canvas or muslin is suitable when the work is best … Continued

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